How Childhood Upbringing Affects Adulthood


Childhood Upbringing Affects Adulthood

Have you ever thought about what forces affect how you are now as an adult? Then, think back to the time when you were but a mere young child. Go down memory lane. Do you remember the time where you were playing with the water at the yard? Or the time where you were told a story before going to bed? When you think about it, there are so many memories locked inside your head. Those memories can be delightful memories and it can also be horrible ones. Many research have stated that a child’s upbringing affects his or her adulthood. That upbringing will have two results, it can either be good or bad. There is nothing in between.

In B. Steve Ross’ book, Alternate Reality: The Mostly True Story of How I Become a Sociopath or a Comical Look at My Messed Up Life, shares accounts of both terrifying and enjoyable first-hand experience that he has encountered starting from childhood towards adulthood. This book was published by Mill City Press early 2020 and tells nothing but the soul-bearing memories of the author. He shares his story of how he grew up in a troubled and dysfunctional home. And as a child, he was oblivious how this can badly affect him in the future.

The Alternate Reality book acknowledges how childhood trauma influences the child’s adult life and how this shapes the person to become who he or she will be in the future. Childhood upbringing plays a great role in everyone’s life. There are plenty of reasons how childhood upbringing can affect a child’s adult life.

Childhood Upbringing Affects Adult Personality

Personality is the behavior, feelings, and thoughts of a person. Personality is said to be consistent throughout one’s life. It does not change day after day. There will be improvement but it is usually limited and slow. Personality is said to be developed through the parental genes. However, childhood upbringing can also have enduring effects on a person’s adult personality. There have been psychological studies that explain how the variety of personalities of adults may have originated from childhood experiences and from the parenting style of their parents. The personality that you have developed due to childhood upbringing will always affect your manner of thinking, behavior, and thoughts. A child growing up in an unhealthy environment tends to have an introverted personality. An introverted personality enjoys more alone time and would get drained easily in social interactions. The personality developed to adulthood varies greatly from the environment the child is in.