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What are the Empowering Effects of Sharing Your Story

For a lot of us, life has been rough, tiring, and painful. But, you are a survivor. And you have a story to tell. Everyone has stories about the good times and the bad, how they've struggled to find purpose, overcome hardship, and found the greatest joys of life. Your story has a power that no other story has. Your experiences, lessons learned, insights gained— they are a delight, touch, inspire, motivate, and enchant readers. The fear of being insignificant must not stop you. You matter. Your story matters because it is uniquely your own, and no one can tell it better the way you can. 

Your story makes it possible for others to understand you and themselves. Moreover, your story makes you understand yourself better. Sharing your experiences with others is truly empowering, setting light to the way of others walking the same path as you. Of course, being selective of the stories you choose to tell may become a hindrance, especially with foolish and vulnerable stories. Being honest and bare is an essential element of powerfully emotional storytelling. Take B. Steve Ross; his book shares a comical telling of his life and his youth's many pitfalls. He reveals his dysfunctional family, relationships, and baggage of life. He unveiled the naked truth of his mistakes and why men cheat on Alternate Reality book. The imprudent, vulnerable story you tell is all that it takes to empower somebody else. If you're still not convinced, below are other empowering effects when you bare your soul to the world. 

You Find Strength by Sharing

Showing your vulnerable side is not a sign of weakness instead, it is a sign of strength. You were strong enough to open up deep wounds and accept them as part of your life. It can be scary to let people in, but opening up means allowing many to listen to you and maybe empathize. Admitting to past struggles and failures can be surprisingly gratifying. Struggles are something we all experience. Be honest and open up to the world about the good and bad. And you'll be amazed at the response you get from others who may be on the same path as you. Then, you'll realize that where you have come from, you gain something greater: strength and wisdom. Taking a moment to share your story can ingrain gratitude for the journey you are still marching on. 

Sharing is Healing for You and Others

You might not know it, but someone out there can heal because of your story. Stories hold healing power. Your words may be the ticket to others who are out of touch with their life's purpose. Many readers benefit from getting the opportunity to hear of your wisdom that they may apply in their life. Each person has something to share with others, and you are not an exception. Understand that your words have a positive power on others. The stories of survivors of trauma or violence are often the key to other people's healing process.  Furthermore, sharing your story enables you to look deep within and find the meaning of the most painful memories you hold. You can gain a greater sense of purpose and direction. Unacknowledging your past will wind you to feel unworthy and unloved. Sharing helps you remember the lessons you learned, providing clarity as you move forward. 

Sharing Helps Find Your Voice

You might ask, How can I find my voice by sharing my traumas? People who suppress the past tend to be indisposed and detached from the world. By sharing your story, you learn how to express and communicate the authentic version of yourself. Finding your voice means discovering your rightful place in your own life story. Then, you will learn how to make sense of what happened in your life. Acknowledging your history will not define who you are but the foundation of the stronger version of yourself. Finding your voice organizes your thoughts; therefore, feeling a sense of greater control over your life. In essence, you will see the past events as part of the journey to the person who is now or who you are becoming. 

Sharing is Finding Peace, Finding Hope

You may have been broken, but you picked up the pieces, and here you are now. You may not be the same person as before. You are the best version of who you are because you did not allow this to stop you. See how different the people who accepted themselves wholly and those who did not. The people who acknowledged their past have a sense of well-being. Those who found their voice also found peace and hopefulness of what's to come next. By baring your heart, you chose to free yourself from the past and the grudges you hold. You empower yourself and those reading your story. 

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