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Steve Ross actual baby picture

My actual baby picture.

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     The Ultimate Male. Florida  September, 1985


I was born and raised a poor white child in the Appalachian Mountains. My sociopath of a father died in a car accident when I was just 7 years old. My mother was left to raise 3 of us with a 9th grade education. She was a great person and a loving soul, but a horrible mother in many ways. We would have been better off if we were left in the woods to be raised by wolves.  The end result of my upbringing was me becoming a sociopath.

Despite this impedance and being a severe dyslexic, I still managed to become a Master Electrician, serve more than 8 years in the US Navy as a Nuclear Power Electrician, stay married to the same woman for over 30 years, raise 2 wonderful children, become a pillar in the community for youth programs, and write this book. 

Not all sociopaths are bad people and I wrote this book to help people understand that fact and to bring attention to the effects of trauma on children. Please see the article: 


Waterfall walk from Chapter 3. June, 1986

Try to match the photo to the book character 

1. Steve Ross

2. Erin Wilde

3. Ann Sasha

4. Ann Meek

5. Debbie 

6. Rebecca 

7. Rochelle

8. Kayla

9. Carly

10. Caroline

11. Dorinda

12. Wynita

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