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Why Should You Tell Your Story

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Why Should You Tell Your Story

Have you been thinking about telling your own story to the world? If you yes, have you decided on what mode you should have in done? You have the privilege to share your story however you want. It can be through films, different verbal activities, or thorugh writing it down. If you are a fan of writing down your feelings, you are going to have a great time choosing writing as your mode of telling your story. It may seem that writing your story can be as easy as writing down a journal. Well, it can be. Especially when you are writing a memoir. However, there are a couple of things that you need to consider, still. You need to think about your audience. What will they get if they read your book? Is your content enticing enough for your audience to be attracted to it? Yes, it can cause a lot of your time and effort. But if you think about it, it can actually be very beneficial to you.

If you have this kind of passion, you are truly blessed. Only a few would ever even think about doing this. Thus, you need to pursue this. You just need to write whatever you want to write. It can be about your experience, your feelings, your beliefs. You can even write everything in one book. You can also check out authors who have the same passion as you. Functional Good Relationship Book by Steve Ross is a great example you can check. This blog will help you be inspired of writing your own book. It will give you the reasons why you should pursue on sharing your story. Plus, you can also get some tips and tricks as you read through.

Telling your story frees you of negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts are one of the things that affect your mental health. You overthink things and happenings, which makes you have so much going on in your mind. You can't think straight, Harboring negative emotions can affect the quality of life. This is because releasing these emotions makes you feel productive and makes you eager to be a better person. Even journaling can have a great chance of achieving this, how much more if you write a book and share it with the whole world?

Telling your story helps you build up your personality,

It helps you grow and flourish into the best version of yourself. Writing helps you reflect on the things that you have done in the past, or even reflect on the things that you just did. When you write, you will be able to think, was that something that you wanted to do? Or is something you said to another person good or bad? This is the process of making you pause and interpret your behavior. It can actually become a learning tool you. If you are open to this, it means that you are open to growing as a person.

Telling your story opens your eyes to the world.

Being open is also one of the things that will help you learn and grow. There are a lot of things you can gain from being it. Yes, it can actually be very tough sometimes. If you are a person who is brought up with certain values and beliefs, you will have hard time with this. Especially when these certain values are very dear to you and if you have made these as your principles in life. However, this does not mean that you limit yourself to those things. You have to be open to listen and learn more about the world. Listen to what others believe in and learn from it. You need to have a sense of self-control to do this, because some might contradict to what you believe in. But this does not make an excuse of not listening and perceiving their thoughts. One way ot another, you can still learn from it.

Telling your story can help you find your purpose.

As mentioned in a previous point, telling your story can help you build up a strong personality. One factor that affects this is because once you have done this, you are finally able to see what truly matters to you. You have seen your purpose in life. Because when you have done your reflecting, you have seen what you want to do in life.

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