Top 3 Reasons Relationships Fail

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

In today's world dating is hard and relationships are even harder. There are many reasons why most relationships fail and I have written an entire book detailing parts of the story. To get a larger picture please read Alternate Reality - The Mostly True Story of How I Became a Sociopath or a Comical Look at My Messed Up Life by B. Steve Ross. For time and space purposes I am only going to touch the surface of the top 3.

#1 - Most People are Horrible People

It is not that most people are bad people. I honestly believe that most people are good. I am simply stating that most people although being good people, are horrible at being good people. Somehow over the past 40 years it seems as if the human race has forgotten how to be good people. To be kind to others no matter what the circumstance. To be respectful to others even when disagreeing with them. We have become an uncivilized civilization. Now compound that lack of respect and kindness with someone you are living with or seeing in a relationship. Now imagine having to live with someone who has no comprehension of how to show kindness and respect to someone they love and want to have a relationship with. It doesn't work and leaves incredibly deep wounds that last forever.

#2 - Emotional Baggage

Everyone who has ever had a relationship end has emotional baggage. Yours might be a small carry-on or a dump truck full of over-sized luggage, but we all have it. This emotional baggage is typically the demise of even the good relationship. I will use my last as an example. I was just months into my separation from a thirty year marriage to a narcississtic cheater who used me as her personal money slave.

My girlfriend was 1 year free of her eight year relationship with a physically abusive cheating sociopath (one of the bad ones) and had hopped directly into that relationship after ending her 20 year marriage because of her husband cheating. It was wonderful to finally find the female version of me and she always remarked on how we should have met when we were younger. We